About Locus Athens
Locus Athens, a nomadic non-profit arts organization, was founded in 2004 with the aim of exploring the juncture between public space in Athens and contemporary art.

locus athens, a nomadic non-profit arts organisation, was originally formed in 2004 by curators Maria-Thalia Carras and Sophia Tournikiotis, with the aim of exploring the juncture between public space in Athens and contemporary art production. It was the first non-profit independent arts organisation that systematically researched into the public space of Athens, often expanding exactly what ‘the public’ could be.

locus athens commissions artists to produce new works based on in situ research, curates exhibitions, talks and screenings in various locations of the city as well as organising educational programs. It has also published a series of award winning children’s art books.

Furthermore locus athens explores different curatorial models with projects that shift in scale and size, collaborating with a wide range of public and private institutions, reaching out to different communities throughout the city and thinking further about the nature of collaborative processes, community building, and contested social and political issues.

Since 2019 thinking of the ‘public’ less as urban space but more as content and communities locus athens envisioned TAVROS, a mid-sized space in the eponymous area of Athens, as a new home for their arts projects, with a varied program of exhibitions, talks and community projects geared to responding to the social, political and ecological circumstances around us and giving voices to marginalised communities.

Former co-directors of locus athens:

Sophia Tournikiotis – 2004-2014

Olga Hatzidaki – 2014 – 2021

For further information on TAVROS, locus athens’ current project space please see here www.tavros.space

a_IGP1917_web-1024x683 11
Cevdet Erek, Same to Different, 2013, Silent Space Stand Still, courtesy the artist.
COB_Workshop_©DimitrisParthimos_0023 1
Cob workshop by Stagones, 2018, Geometries, Agricultural University of Athens, Courtesy of
the Onassis Cultural Center, Photograph by Dimitris Parthimos