Anastasia Douka, Queen Makita, 2004, courtesy the artist
Rallou Panagiotou, Storm, ink on paper, 2004, courtesy the artist
Thodoris Hrisikos, Untitled, 2004, courtesy the artist


Anastasia Douka, Elsa Kiourtsoglou, Leonidas Liambeys, Lilian Likiardopoulos, Rallou Panagiotou, Costas Sachpazis, Angeliki Sioli, Thanos Stavropoulos and Theodore Hrisikos.

Curated by:

Maria-Thalia Carras & Sophia Tournikioti


16.06.04 - 16.07.04

anti-maimouisme, (maimuisme maī-mu-izmi vi [37] to ape, imitate blindly, copy, play the ape, Greek-English Oxford Dictionary) presents a generation of young Greek artists who are socially aware, who act and react to the world around them with dynamism, sensitivity and a great deal of energy. Their work has spontaneity and is subversively tongue-in-cheek, commenting constantly on changes in our everyday lives.

The exhibition deals with their personal experiences, mythical childhood and teenage associations as well tackling social and political issues with humour, intensity and verve.

The exhibition has no theme as such, but gathers together artists and architects, who in their own way express and tackle similar issues and ideas. Their projects testify to the changes occurring in the world around them from the viewpoint of a peripheral European city – Athens.

All mediums are represented in the exhibition, drawings, video, photograph and installations.

The group show, anti-maimouisme, is taking place in an architectural studio on the third floor of a block of flats in Athens. Many of the pieces were developed in situ. locus athens has printed a newspaper-catalogue for the exhibition.

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