Ahmet Ogut, Light Armoured, animation, 2006, courtesy the artist
Cengiz Tekin, Natur Mort, digital print, 2007, courtesy the artist & Free Kick, digital print, 2005, courtesy the artist
Cengiz Tekin, Natur Mort, digital print, 2007, courtesy the artist
Leyla Gediz, Yonca, oil on canvas, 2006, courtesy the artist and Leif Djurhuus
Ozlem Gunyol and Mustafa Kunt, Avrupalilastirabildiklerimizdenmisiniz?, Aluminium, courtesy the artist
Leyla Gediz, Vow, 2007, oil on canvas, courtesy the artist
Koken Ergun, I Soldier, video still, 2005, courtesy the artist
Fikret Atay, Fast and Best, video still, 2002, courtesy the artist and Galerie Chantal Crousel


Fikret Atay, Köken Ergun, Leyla Gediz, Özlem Günyol, Mustafa Kunt, Ahmet Ögüt, Cengiz Tekin

Curated by:

Maria-Thalia Carras & Sofia Tournikioti


Center of Popular Arts and Traditions Aggeliki Hatzimichali



locus athens has invited seven young and upcoming Turkish artists to present their work for the first in Athens, hosted by the Municipality of Athens.

The exhibition aims to suggest a sample of works rather than to make any overall statement about contemporary art production in Turkey.

locus athens has reservations about exhibitions that aim to pin point and define nationalities, localities and their ensuing politics, therefore it hopes that “Sampling” will be seen in much simpler terms without falling into ideological traps, the fetishism of difference or the complexities of our national exchanges. Some of the works selected touch on personal experiences and stories while other works deal with broader issues and fears.

We believe that the choice of works will give the Athenian public the chance to find out about the vibrancy of contemporary art production in Turkey as well as of Turkish artists who live and work abroad. We also hope that the exhibition will allow for an exchange of ideas and images, differences and similarities between the contemporary art scenes of both countries, Greece and Turkey.

The exhibition will take place in the Centre of Popular Arts and Traditions, Plaka, which is housed in a building designed by the architect A. Zachos (1924-1927) – one of the first Modernist architects of Athens – for Aggeliki Hatzimichali a visionary collector of Folk arts and crafts.